Future’s longtime collaborator oversaw two major releases this year–Futures’s DS2 and Future and Drake’s What A Time To Be Alive–gave some insight into the secret WAT2BA sessions.

“He [Drake] was like, ‘F— it, we gonna come to Atlanta.’ Two weeks later we was at the studio. [We] had it rented out for like six days at Tree Sound [studios].”

Metro oversaw the project, which was constructed over the courseof six days.

“We had all the rooms,” Metro said. “We had different rooms. Me and Southside could be making beats in a room. Future had a room, Drake had a room. But we would be in each others’ rooms.”

Despite charting No. 1 on Billboard 200, critics pointed out an uneven performances on the album and the dueling nature of Drake and Future’s respective approaches.

“I feel like this one project is their own world, their own planet,” said Metro. “It’s not really Drake jumping to Future’s world or Future jumping to Drake’s world. They’re gonna automatically say that because I made a lot of the beats.”

For his part, Metro has hope for a future Futre-Drake collabo.

“Maybe it could be a Drake-Future album one day that we could go back in on and take a lot more time,” he said. “For now, we got this mixtape [WAT2BA] we just did off a vibe we had in one place for a week. I feel like, because it was so organic and time-sensitive–where Drake’s at, where Future’s at–just put that sh– out.”

Metro Boomin is currently on the “Family Matters Tour” with Chance The Rapper. Check out the complete Rap Radar Podcast Episode17 below.