Reported by Liku Zelleke

Two of the biggest names in rap music will be heading to court in yet another battle over musical work royalties and alleged illegal sampling of a song.

The song ‘Big Pimpin’’ was – and remains to be – one of Jay Z’s most popular songs to date. It was released 15 years ago on his 2000 album “Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter.” It featured the Texan duo UGK, and was produced by none other than Timbaland.

‘Big Pimpin’’ is most memorable for the flute tune that repeats over and over throughout the song. And, sadly, it is that exact tune that now has both Jay Z and Timbaland heading to court.

The two are facing accusations that the tune they incorporated in their song was taken from a song entitled “Khosara, Khosara”, an Egyptian song created by composer Baligh Hamdi.

Hamdi passed away in 1993 and it is his nephew, Osama Fahmy, who filed the lawsuit back in 2007 demanding the duo pay due royalties for the sample. The trial is set to begin on October 13th.

A twist in the tale lies in the fact that Jay Z and Timbaland have already paid $100,000 to music company EMI – which had claimed it owned the rights to the sample – and thought the affair over. The money was distributed to Hamdi’s descendants.

Fahmy is now asking for more money because, he claims, the family hadn’t been aware of how important the song sample had been to ‘Big Pimpin’’.

Fahmy’s lawyer, Keith Wesley, said his client wasn’t “aware of the settlement agreement at the time” and that they are now “seeking fair compensation.”

The case has named EMI, Universal Music, Paramount Pictures, MTV and other specials that have used ‘Big Pimpin’’ in their works, in addition to Jay Z and Timbaland.